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Bodywatch Ltd. was established in 1997. The company has two strands; sport psychology and hypnotherapy. It is committed to providing safe, natural, medication-free solutions for a variety of issues. Some of the issues commonly seen to in-house are weight loss, athletic performance, stress and chronic pain. The MD, Niamh Flynn, is an experienced sport psychologist who has a particular specialist interest  in migraines.

In recent times, due to increasing demand for migraine relief, the services have now been extended to an overseas market with mp3 versions of the clinically proven hypnosis program and Skype sessions for those who prefer the personal touch.

Developing the Program

After four long years at university doing research it is fantastic to be able to share this new product with you.

Before heading back to college and indeed while I was at college I worked as a sport psychologist and found that quite a few of the athletes who were attending for consultations were coming in for consultations suffered with migraines. As you can imagine this affected their sport pretty badly!  The different personalities, their life stories and challenges allowed me to gain an incredible insight into the type of challenges faced by people who suffer with chronic pain.

During TEN Years of Experience of Working With Hypnosis for every type of issue ranging from anxiety, weight loss and chronic pain the positive, rapid results I saw were startling but I did not really understand the biology or the psychoneuroimmunology of hypnosis well enough to satisfy my curiosity. Cue the PhD!  Of course peoples’ lives and circumstances vary but over time several shared, similar emotions afflicting people with chronic pain became clear.  Migraine is just one of those areas of chronic pain which stimulated my interest.

Through the accumulation of my work with the athletes and then returning to college where I found myself dissecting the science behind hypnosis and migraines it was super to hear back from those on the trial about how much their lives had improved.

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Full Course Gift Set

End Migraine Fast Gift Set

This gift package may be the ultimate gift for any migraine sufferer. Including an MP3 player fully loaded with 15 tracks that you can take with you wherever you go & the End Migraine Fast book.

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Full Course Digital MP3 Download

End Migraine Fast MP3 Download

This is the quickest and most cost effective way to get the complete set of audio tracks which will make a massive difference to anyone who suffers from migraines.

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End Migraine Fast Book Mockup

This book will change the way you view and deal with migraine. If migraines are making your life a misery this book may have the solution for you. End Migraine Fast describes what migraine is, it explores some of the most common migraine triggers and provides a host of solutions for consideration. The workbook in part III of the book allows you to create your own personal program to help reduce the frequency and severity of migraine and some people may even find their migraines disappear completely. Migraines affect between 5 and 10% of men and between 13 and 18% of women and they can last anywhere between 4 and 72 hours. If you suffer with migraine you will be familiar with the debilitating, crushing pain which migraines exert. They can strike out of the blue and can leave you running for the nearest dark room in search of solace. If you would like to know more about migraines and are willing to take the time to develop your own personal program to take control over your migraines instead of them having control over you then this book is for you.

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Patient Recommendation

I listen 2-3 times a week & it reminds me to stick with the program.
Kevin Hall, Ex migraine sufferer

Doctor Recommendation

dr-pat-haroldEvery migraine sufferer should have a copy of Niamh Flynn’s book. It has excellent advice on management of this distressing condition. Niamh Flynn discusses the trigger factors, advises on conventional treatment and discusses commonly used remedies. She also has great techniques for pain management and stress reduction which would be invaluable even if you did not have migraine. There should be more of this kind of book about. It is well written, clear and safe.

I would enthusiastically recommend it to my patients.
Dr Pat Harold, MB MICGP

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